AQUA CONCEPT is a consulting company as well as equipment supplier, specialized in the aquaculture sector. Our know-how is the result of long term experience of several ichthyologists, water treatment engineers and other specialists. Having our own farms as well as cooperating with well-known institutes and academies allows us to prove our solutions through long term testing of different concepts and technologies.
Continuous improvement is a part of our culture, which is important today, in the times of such dynamic technological progress.
As fish farmers we understand your needs and importance of reliable and efficient solutions, appropriate to the site conditions. We can help you to optimize the investment and operational costs, all by reaching the main target, which is high breeding results and keeping the whole system easy and friendly to operate and maintain.
At present we run 5 fish farms which serve us as research and development facilities.


LEVAPOR is an innovative biocarrier presenting high adsorbent capacity and affinity to microbial cells.



LEVAPOR delivery form (20 x 20 x 7 mm)


LEVAPOR cross section

Why choosing LEVAPOR biocarrier for aquaculture?

LEVAPOR biocarrier offers several benefits:

  • Proved technology in aquaculture,
  • High surface resulting in smaller footprint and lower energy consumption,
  • Short start-up period,
  • High process stability,
  • Better utilisation of O2 by longer retention of air bubbles within the pores,
  • Mechanical biofilm protection by colonizing inner pore surfaces.

AQUA CONCEPT supports its clients in designing the bioreactor to reach the best performance of using LEVAPOR biocarrier.

Comparison with biocarriers available on the market?

  • Influence of various carrier materials on biological removal of N-NH4

and N-NO2 in RAS:






Technical specification

Shape: Cuboïdes
Composition: PU foam cubes and PAC
Dimensions (mm): 20 * 20 * 7
Dump weight (kg/m³): 26 – 28
Porosity (%): 90 - 95
Water uptake (% b.wt.): ca. 250
Total surface (m2/m3): 2’700
Microbial colonisation (min): 120 – 180
Required reactor filling (%): 30 - 35


Harmless and neutral.


Bag with dimensions 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.8 m (maximum 5 m3 per bag).


We know that choosing the right technology is the key to business efficiency and profitability. We are always looking for most optimum solutions, appropriate for use at a specific site. We have our own selection of technologies, again based on our experience and knowledge, all supported by long term tests.

Fish counter


The Pescavision models cover counting needs extending from 5g to 4,5kg. It is designed to be placed at the outlet of the sorting system, thereby centralising the equipment and reducing the installation time.
With this system, no more counter at the end of the pipe is necessary.

  • Pescavision 10: counting fish from 5 g to 150 g (8 channels) – Grader fish counter
  • Pescavision 30: counting fish from 40 g to 1 kg (4 channels) – Grader fish counter
  • Pescavision 50: counting fish from 500 g to 4.5 kg (2 channels) – Grader fish counter
  • Pescavision 300: counting fish from 40 g to 1 kg (8 channels) – Transfer fish counter

This fish counter Pescasight is equipped with the latest technology available. Its installation is quick on-site. Expected to cover the counting needs from 0,2 g to 50 g. At the end of counting operation, it is possible to connect a USB key to save the counting report.

  • Pescasight 15: counting fish from 0.2 g to 50 g (1 channel), 150 000 fish per hour (0.5 g) – Grader fish counter
  • Pescasight 100: counting fish from 0.2 g to 50 g (1 channel), 650 000 fish (trout or bass) per hour (0.5 g) – Transfer fish counter

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Automatic fish graders


HELIOS grader will over meet your expectation in terms of fish sorting. The brand includes a complete range of 9 graders for including trout, salmon, bass, bream, carp, tilapia, perch, barramundi, eels, cod, etc.

Helios 10 / 100: fish from 1 g till 100 g

Helios 25: fish from 5 g till 600 g

Helios 30: fish from 5 g till 800 g

Helios 40 / 400: fish from 5 g till 1.5 kg

Helios 50: fish from 10 g to 2.5 kg

Helios 60 / 600: fish from 100 g to 4.5 kg

Heliovison 40: full integrated solution – fish from 40 g to 1 kg

Heliovision 50: full integrated solution – fish from 40 g to 2.5 kg

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Fish pump


Pescamotion and Pescavac pumps are ideal for supplying a grader, transferring fish from a tank or loading lorries:

Fish pump Pescamotion 6+ : up to 700 g trout/salmon; 20 tons of fish per hour

Fish pump Pescamotion 8+: up to 2.5 kg trout/salmon; 25 tons of fish per hour

Vacuum Pump Pescavac 8: up to 2.5 kg trout/salmon; 6 - 8 tons of fish per hour

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Degassing block

Degassing Bioblock

Our degassing block have a special design for an optimal CO2 removal.

Depending on the installation, it can be directly placed in the channel or mounted on structure.

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Mechanical filtration:


Undesired concentration of suspended solids can be found in the fish farm inlet water or when reusing the water (RAS). Drum filter is the right equipment to remove the fine suspended solids present in the water. It is important to select the right filtration rate, choose the correct size and a robust equipment as the filter is installed for a continuous operation.

AQUA CONCEPT helps you to choose the right equipment at the best price.

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